Common Questions

1.Do I need additional blood tests to enroll in the program? No, medical history and consultation are sufficient in most cases.

2. Can I do this program if I am diabetic, have high blood pressure, or have high cholesterol? Yes, this program will help with these conditions in most cases.

3. Why is this program last for six weeks? It is our experience that the program allows time for the body to start burning fat and emphasize a healthy eating lifestyle. The product promotes fat metabolism while suppressing the appetite.

4. Do I have to exercise on this program? No. Walking and light exercise are done at one's own discretion.

5. Can I stay on this diet long term? The foods that are emphasized on this diet are for the body's long term benefit. It is not a fad diet.

6. Does this program entail injections? No. These are not hormone injections.

7. What are the side effects of this program? Headaches are rare but do happen.

8. Is this product available online? No. Our product has been cleared by the FDA and is to distributed by a doctor's supervision only.

9. What is the average weight lost on this program? 23 to 25 lbs is the average over six weeks.

10. Can I enroll in this program more than once? Yes. We have had several patients lose 60-80 lbs over a 24 week time frame.

11.Can I enroll in this program if I am taking medications? Yes.

12. Can I buy my own food? Yes.

Examples of foods you may eat.

Protein is essential for your daily needs. Meat lovers do not suffer....

Lean Protein:

  1. Skinless white meat chicken
  2. Skinless white meat turkey
  3. Cornish Game Hen
  4. Ground Sirloin
  5. Filet Mignon (trim visible fat)
  6. Sirloin Strip Steak
  7. Bison
  8. Pork Loin (trim visible fat)
  9. Tilapia
  10. Orange or White Roughy
  11. Walleye
  12. Swordfish
  13. Shrimp
  14. Mahi Mahi
  15. Scallops
  16. Lean lunch meat of any type